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Welcome to FineReport Help center!

This help center aims to develop your report making techniques using abundant usage scenarios. 

How to make the most of this help center

The below panels list the most important resources that will help you to become a professional report developer:

  1. Read the articles and watch the videos to get familiar with FineReport designer, report making skills and the decision-making platform.
  2. Follow the instructions in Report Making Tutorials and practice the techniques of report design, data query, charts, dashboards and data entry.

A more complete learning resource package will be released by the middle of this year.


Step 1 - Get Familiar with FineReport Designer
Step 2 - Participate in Report Making Tutorials

As you have got familiar with FineReport designer, it is the time to practice report making skills:

a) Report Design

The First Template

Cross Report - Data Bidirectional Expansion

Embedded Primary-sub Report

Hierarchical Cell Indexing

b) Data Query

[Tutorial] Data Query

If the Drop-down Checkbox Parameter is Empty, Select All

c) Charts and Dashboards

[Tutorial] Common Charts

d) Data Entry

Simple Row-based Form

Step 3 - Learn about the Decision-making Platform

The decision-making platform is the place where you can manage your data resources, your reports and report users.

System Administrator Account Settings

Tips for Viewing Directory

Directory Management

User Management


Appearance Configuration

Homepage Management

Task Schedule


Video Resources

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